The General Assembly can be regarded as the sovereign decision-making body of the association, with powers to elect members of the Board and to ratify or amend the Association Charter.

The Assembly

The bi-annual General Assembly is typically held at the beginning of the Spring and Autumn semesters. At this meeting, outgoing Board Members may present reports – including a budget for the programme, presented by the Treasurer – to be voted on by attendees. New members of the Board are then elected to their respective offices. The General Assembly is typically accompanied by refreshments and some kind of social acitivity.

All members of HIntSS, including mentees, mentors and Board members are entitled to attend the Assembly, with full voting rights. They are similarly entitled to stand for election to the Board. Mentees interested in becoming more involved with the programme are actively encouraged to participate in the General Assembly and to stand for election, should they wish to do so.