Want to improve your language skills? Want to learn about different cultures? Want to make friends from all over the world? Become a mentor and take those first steps towards becoming a better Humanities student.

This page contains valuable information about the process of becoming a mentor and what the role entails. We recommend reading it carefully, but, if you already know that you want to apply, you can skip to the registration form.

A Whole New World

When new international students arrive here in Denmark, they have been preparing for their stay for a long time.

For you as a mentor, this may be the beginning of your journey with them, but they have been on their way for a while. A lot has gone into each of their decisions to study abroad, and – even though most will have researched Denmark and its people – nothing will fully prepare them for actually being here.

That’s where you come in. Becoming a HIntSS mentor is about stepping into a new world: a world where cultures become fluid and where your understanding of either yourself or of others may change. It’s a world where culture shock lurks around every corner, a world wherein it’s far too easy for international students to retreat and keep to themselves.

A group of people on a canal tour in sunny Copenhagen

Being a Mentor

Most international students arrive in either August or May, depending on whether they are going to begin their studies at UCPH in an Autum or Spring Semester. In the months preceding their arrival, we recruit as many mentors as we are able to, before organising both the mentors and their mentees (new international students) into mentor groups. These groups typically consist of two or three mentors and 6-10 mentees.

Within your mentor group, you and your co-mentor[s] are first responsible for meeting your mentees at the airport and taking them to their accommodation, or some other agreed-upon place. This is, of course, only if your mentees wish to be collected, but you should make the option available to them. In addition to this, you are expected to arrange activities – at least two per semester – for your mentees to take part in. These activities could be as simple as taking them for coffee, or showing them around the city, but variety is often desirable. The main objective is to make your mentees feel welcome in Denmark.

A large group of mentors gather on South Campus, all wearing branded T-shirts, identifying them as mentors.

You’re not Alone!

In addition to the support of your co-mentors, know that you have the gratitude of the entire Humanities International Student Society. HIntSS exists to support international students, but we know that to do that we must also support our mentors – our greatest assets.

When you become a mentor, your become part of our mentor network. If you need someone to meet your mentees at the airport, we will try to accommodate that; if you want to host an activity with another mentee group, we can put you in contact with other mentors. Most importantly, if you are struggling, we ask that you let us know. Our mentors are volunteers and, as much as we appreciate their support, we cannot expect them to jeopardize their studies or their health.

We also ask that you get involved with the Society, outside of your own mentor groups. Occasssionally, HIntSS will host larger events and we always welcome the support of our mentors to make them a success. If you have ideas on things that can be improved, let us know – or, better yet, join the Board!

A group of mentors and mentees celebrating on the 2015 QA Programme cabin trip.

Why Volunteer?

Here at the Faculty of Humanities, our students understand better than most the importance of people. What makes a culture? What makes a people? Where are the boundaries between “us” and “them”? Being a part of HIntSS will make you a better student of the Humanities and help you answer these questions. You will be exposed to different cultures, experience different languages and – most importantly – meet different people.

Through our mentor workshops and through the support you give your mentees, you will develop strong intercultural knowledge. You will also work to improve the university experiences of all students at the Faculty of Humanities – both international and Danish. With any luck, you might even form an international network of friendships, lasting years into the future. And, of course, the experience is a valuable addition to any CV.


We recruit mentors at the end of each Semester, normally in November/December and April/May. Whenever applications are open, a registration form will go live on this page. When they are closed, you may find that it is replaced by a different form, where you can sign up to hear from us when we are next recruiting.

The wellbeing of our international students is important to us, so the quality of our mentors is just as important. Therefore, we invite applicants to attend a mandatory interview before officially becoming mentors. There is no requirement for past experience, but this interview gives us a chance to assess applicant suitability and gives applicants the opportunity to ask questions. Even though our mentors are volunteers, we also ask them to sign a mentor contract and to abide at all times by our Code of Conduct.

Questions about the application process should be directed to admin@hintssociety.dk.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor! Please see the registration form below.