Adjusting to life in a new country is never easy, but the Humanities International Student Society is here to offer support and guidance to our mentees, as you explore the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

Your Stay – Our Priority

Congratulations! You’ve made the wonderful (and perhaps scary) decision to live and study in Denmark. We think you’ve made the right decision, but we know just how stressful and intimidating the prospect of studying abroad can be – particularly in the weeks and months before. You might be overwhelmed by expectations and doubts; thoughts like “What if my classes are too difficult?”, “What if I don’t get along with others?”, “What if I don’t belong?” are all too common amongst prospective international students. It’s a good thing, then, that HIntSS is here to help.

Making it Easier

Going abroad is never just about studying. It’s about pushing boundaries, exploring unfamiliar places and – most importantly – encountering new cultures. It’s about meeting new people and even making new friends. This is where HIntSS can help you. We organise social and cultural events that are designed to introduce you to Denmark and Danish culture, whilst giving you the opportunity to foster relationships with fellow international and Danish students.

Your Family in Denmark

When you join HIntSS as a mentee, you are assigned to a mentor group. These groups usually consist of two or three mentors (Danish and experienced international students), as well as six to ten mentees, like yourself. They can be smaller or larger, depending on the intake in any given semester; mentor groups tend to be larger in the Autumn than in the Spring. Your mentors are there to support you. They are students from the Faculty of Humanities who have volunteered to contribute their time and experience in support of new international students and who wish to be part of the international study environment at the University of Copenhagen. We try to ensure that they are knowledgable in how to deal with culture shock and they are usually willing to help you in whatever ways they can. HIntSS will serve as your family in Denmark and your mentor group represents immediate aspect of that; your mentors may organise small get-togethers and social events, where you can get to know your fellow mentees better and exchange experiences.

Whatever difficulties you face, your mentors should be able to point you in the right direction. If they can’t help, then the HIntSS Board may be able to. You are always welcome to contact us at Please note, however, that we are unable to assist with most academic queries; for these, you should refer to your department, the international admissions office or other appropriate Faculty staff.

You will typically be contacted by your mentors before you arrive in Copenhagen, so please make sure that the contact information that you provide when applying to join HIntSS is correct. If it is not, your mentors may not be able to reach you.

A Diverse and Entertaining Study Environment

HIntSS welcomes international students from a variety of backgrounds and seeks to integrate the international study environment into the wider student community that exists at the Faculty of Humanities. We aim to make our events open and accessible to all of our members, with a focus on student-organised events that allow you to pursue your interests and – ideally – interact with Danes. If you have any ideas or preferences for events you would like to see, please let us know!