The Humanities International Student Society (HIntSS) is the international mentor programme at the University of Copenhagen’s Faculty of Humantiies.

You can learn more about HIntSS, including methods of contact, on this page.

What is HIntSS?

HIntSS is the official international mentor programme at the Faculty of Humanties. It grew out of the QA Programme, an initiative proposed in 2013 by Michael Hockenhull and cofounded by a several other students.

The Humanities International Student Society exists to provide support, guidance and opportunities for socialisation to exchange and international full-degree students at UCPH’s South Campus. We aim to acheive this with the invalauble support of our volunteer mentors – Danish and experienced international students – who, together with our mentees and the Board, constitute a vital part of our vibrant international community. With their assistance, we offer a calendar of social events and trips that support the social and cultural development of students new to Copenhagen and Denmark.

The official language of HIntSS is English, as this is the common language spoken by a majority of our international students.

Contact Us

For general enquiries, including those concerning applications to the programme, please email us at

Partners and affiliates of HIntSS, as well as those interested in becoming partners or affiliates, should contact us at

Financial enquiries, including the submission of receipts, should be directed to

We aim to respond to all emails within 5 working days, but responses can occasionally take longer during busy periods (i.e. mentor recruitment, exam season, etc.).

Students and staff at UCPH are welcome to visit us at the HIntSS Lounge on South Campus (Karen Blixens Plads) during our opening hours (09:00-16:00). There will often be a member of the Board present during these hours, but – as we are staffed exclusively by student volunteers – we cannot guarantee that we will be open at any given time. The HIntSS Lounge is room 22.0.54.

The HIntSS Lounge

The HIntSS Lounge (formerly the QA Lounge) is the home of HIntSS on campus and the beating heart of the Society. It is a quiet and comfortable social space, equipped with a selection of board games, a television and limited food/drink preparation facilities.

The HIntSS Lounge is your space, open to all members of the Society (mentees, mentors and Board members). Currently, it is primarily used for regular Board meetings, but members are encouraged to make use of the space, either to study or to socialise with other members of the Society.

Next time you’re at South Campus, why not join us for a cup of coffee and a chat? The Lounge is room 22.0.54.

Our History

If you’re interested in learning a little about our past, why not take a few minutes to read about the History of HIntSS.